All Hallows Eve

October 17, 2007
By Sarah Thurman, Vancouver, WA

The sun sets in a fiery ocean,
The moon then rises from the sea.
The witches scream resounds,
On All Hallows Eve.

The black cat stalks,
Its green eyes glowing in the moonlight.
The world spins slower as the night drags on,
And spirits from the past come out and play.

The cauldron bubbles and boils,
As the witches brew their poisons.
The ancient crafts of old arise,
On this night of Halloween.

But do not worry,
Do not fear.
For after Halloween is a day of praise,
All Saints Day finally comes.

So the witches wait to brew again,
The black cats take a rest.
Until next year when it all begins again,
On the night of All Hallows Eve.

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