My Paul

May 5, 2010
The hardest thing in life is to be loved, true love,
To open your heart to that one person that won't hurt you,
To understand the importance of the lesson from above,
And to love back because that's all your heart will do.

True love is when you smile even when u don't have to,
When you have butterflies whenever his around,
When your heart flutters and dances just out of the blue,
And when you truly just know the meaning deep down.

Knowing your in love will make your eyes shine with tears,
It will make you have goose-bumps in the blazing heat,
It will make you think that no matter what nothing compares,
And it will make you know that you are forever complete.

Kissing that person will be like nothing you've felt before,
An inferno under the skin wherever he touches you,
A sweet caring vibration when he pecks you or,
A floating sensation, a joining of the two.

And lastly, when he says he loves you and calls you baby,
Your heart stops and refuses to beat or move at all
And you know that this feeling inside is not a maybe
It's a solid, tall man with the name Paul.

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