October 17, 2007
They told me to write on the feelings that circle my head
Like buzzards awaiting an easy meal
So I wrote but you ignored every word that was said
When I see you, this burning is what I feel

I don't want to lose this, so I'll lose control instead
It's crowded; I can't breathe
But I'm so lonesome
I'm trying but dying in this bed
I don't miss being young like I miss being dense

If beauty had a face, it would laugh in mine
And I'm sick of waiting, but I don't know what else to do
Lazy and useless, "You know me" Good things take time
I burn the life I once knew along with my letters to you

Tongue back in cheek, tell me it will be alright
I've got something I can never have in my sight
Hold me close; I won't ever bite
I just want to sleep at night

I want to lose the memories that repeat over again
I want to lose the memories I can't escape but then
I'd have to say goodbye to you and I've tried
For so long to keep that from coming
Goodbye is the hardest part, right after the lies
That you told me and now I'm numbing

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