Dark Abyss

October 17, 2007
By Megan Shippee, Oshkosh, WI

Though I could see the light,
though I almost reached the end
I didn't pay attention
to the pit that lie ahead.

I walked right into it,
Eager to get out of that tunnel;
I fell into to darkness,
the darkness of doubt.

I fell for eons,
Doubt gripped a hold on me,
I wanted to stop,
but I just couldn't see.

I couldn't see why I got there,
Though it was from that awful choice,
The voice that I decided to listen to
That landed me there.

I couldn't see why I was falling,
until I thought it through,
I even tried calling,
I tried to reach you.

I wanted to say
That I was sorry for what I did,
I'm paying for it now,
While falling in this abyss.

The choice I made was terrible,
The punishment even worse,
I wished I hadn't hurt you,
So I could escape this curse.

So now I'll say sorry,

for soon this abyss will end,
though your kindness never did fade,
your trust would even bend
to fit the situation at hand.

I'm grateful now,
You see,
I walked toward the light,
Near telling you the truth,
But I fell into this pit,
Of all my lies,
Of all my fears,
Of all my doubts.

All in this
Dark Abyss

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