The High School Identity Dilemma

October 17, 2007
High schoolers are like several dice,
Many-sided dice.
All thrown at once
They try to pick sides that do not pay a price.
But there is so many to choose from.
What should one do?
Which one should I become?
A jock?
A nerd?
A bandie?
A class clown?
Or a scholastic renown?
The likelihood of the individual’s right choice drops.
What works for one does not work for another.
What is right for me?
The answer lies within the equation of identity and individual.
Do they add up?
Friendships change as the dice is rolled,
Identities spin this way and that
Looking for the one that matches the equation.
What are the chances that all will succeed
In finding their true match.

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TemperanceCeleste4Life said...
Oct. 27, 2008 at 11:15 pm
This is SOOOOO TRUE! Keep up the good work!
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