Once Innocent Eyes

October 17, 2007
By Stephanie Feld BRONZE, Richmond Hill, On, Other
Stephanie Feld BRONZE, Richmond Hill, On, Other
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The look through his syes
Confused, unaware, mature
But his age is limiting
He's not ready for this
His once sparkling smile
Now grey and turned to dust
The glint in his eyes, now gone
He may heal, but never return
To the happy state of bliss
He once knew
This trajedy, that befell him
Is no one's fault, just that of fate
Or destiny
With no one to blame, nowhere to go
This little boy wanders
Into the dark pit, he finds deep within
His new home this will be
No escape, for now
He can't climb out, stucka at the bottom
Until someone comes
To help and pull him out
For now though, for now
Time may heal the wounds
Yet the scars, will always remain
For this poor little boy
Confused, alone and unaware.

"This will certify that the above work is completely original"
Stephanie Feld

Street Child

She looked around desperatly
Trying not to see
Thje happy little children
Grinning joyfully

As she sat down, all alone
Slowly chilled to the bone
Everyone was ignoring her
Like they would a stone

She knew she shouldn't cry
Seeing that darkened sky
Warmth she knew she'd have to find
Otherwise she would die

The weather was now fierce and wild
Nothing about her was even filed
She wondered shivering, why nobody cared
About a stupid street child

She saw people laugh and sneer
Looking at her stupid gear
She was wondered why even kids laughed at her
But maybe it was because of fear

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