A Poem For Mr. Prestident

May 5, 2010
By Anonymous

A Poem For Mr. President

h please Mr. President, please help my people and give us the Reform for illegal immigrants.

B y doing so, all Latin illegal will contribute to work and make some more progress in America.

A ll American’s can work together and work our way out of this economy.

M any Latin illegal immigrants will probably re –elect you as our President because you Mr. President did kept your promise to give us the Reform .

A ll of our strengths will be put together as one and represent how great America can be and any Latin can live the “American Dream”

The author's comments:
The new law that was created in arizona inspired me to write this because i thought the law was very raciest. The law only goes tword the latins which is wrong and felt that we should stop this law from spreading .

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