I’m Sorry

October 17, 2007
I thought you liked me.
I thought I did too.
What happened?
I am not over him, give it some time.
But I’m not pushing you.
Maybe we should just stay friends.
But I don’t want to just stay friends, I have feelings for you.
I’m sorry, but I don’t have them for you.
But you said you did.
I was wrong.
So just like that?
I had given up on you,
Then you told me that so I gave you another chance.
I’m sorry.
So you played with my emotions and made me believe what was
Never to be true.
I wish things were different, I want to like you.
Yes you are everything I have ever imagined, but I just don’t feel that way.
So obviously I’m not good enough.
No you are!
Obviously not.
You are a Great guy!
Just not good enough, I thought you liked me.
I’m sorry.
So I guess we can be friends.
Yes I would like that.
I’m Sorry.

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Mickee said...
May 14, 2011 at 10:36 am
this is what happened to me, its really hard
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