At The Dinner Table

October 17, 2007
All of us arrive home at different times
But at the same time, we’re all in the same place
It’s almost 7 o’clock
The time we sit down, face to face
Dinner time
And the smell of the food
Circulates around me
Like a merry-go-round
And every sniff by sniff
Gets better
The sweet smell of apple pie
And the sight of golden brown crust
My siblings gather the dishes together

Dinner time is something I will always remember
I know in college, it’ll be different
But I’ll still remember the scrumptious taste
Of the lovely foods my mom makes

And the banana bread my daddy bakes
It’s getting close to the time
And I’m counting down the minutes,
As my tummy talks to me
“I’m hungry, feed me”
It replies back
And I start to watch commercials
Of the infamous, McDonalds Big Mac
I start to sweat, I start to drool
And I start to go crazy and then lose my cool
I chew on pencils, string and plastic
Then I knew that this situation was turning drastic
My mouth gets dry
My palms feel all slippery and sweaty
And I’m craving a French fry
And this is the total opposite of petty
Its 6:59
Waiting for my mom to call
She calls me down the stairs to say
We’re eating out at the mall.

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