Seeing Red

October 17, 2007
I storm through the red door
crossing the threshold to red carpeted floor
up the red stairs I go
to the red-lit room above the below
I go into the dark red room
with a bed and chair both dark maroon.
On the chair is a deck of cards
which I can see no diamonds or hearts
The king smirks at me
As if mocking my and anger and thinking about what happened to me
I return downstairs
with red hued portraits looking down with dark stares
all seem to know of the anger in me
I stride into the living room with red T.V. flashing
A red child lying on the couch limp and relaxing
The child looks up at me with a smile
with just a smile I felt all the anger and frustration rush out of me
Its as if I took off red glasses and now I see
all that was tinted red now
becomes blues yellows blacks and greens
I look down at the child with a smile on my face
maybe this world isn't such a bad place

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