October 17, 2007
By Obagaeli Ngene-Igwe, Columbus, OH

Heaved from my bed during the darkened night,
Sauntering through the unilluminated room, scarces of sight.
Through the window, moon's phosphorescent light dances against the wall.
Looking outthe immense square hole of glass and seeing creatures of all.
I assume it is an illusion, a hallucination of some sort,
But after a second or two it becomes as clear as a verdict in court.
A goblin knocking on the door, leaving with Go Lean.
Ah man! I should have known it was Halloween.
Trotting across the obscure room,
I flick on the lights and seeing a long-stick broom,
I think about impersonating a witch for Halloween.
So I billow the broom, galloping downstairs.
There I smell (turkey-scented) gravy and lemon squares.
The smell oozes from the kitchen, what could it be?
Mom comes out and says "Get ready for Thanksgiving."
I say, "Oh no, no! What the heck do you mean?
I see children outside dressed for Halloween!"
Mom just walks away without saying a word.
I think, did she comprehend? What has she heard?
Next, I run to my sister's room, asking, "What's going on?"
But when I get there, there is also something wrong.
She is hiding Easter eggs for my brothers who are outside the room.
I am so furious; I am getting ready to smack her with the broom.
I bellow, "Why are you hiding Easter eggs? It's not Easter, yet!"
She says, "Oh, yes it is Easter, I bet."
I run to the living room where Dad always watches television.
When I get there I know this family is trippin'.
My dad is placing presents under the Christmas tree.
He sweet-talks, "Hey, honey! It's Christmas Eve."
I start feeling warm and dizzy for a while.
I am getting ready to pass out or vomit bile.
I wake up sweating and relieved for a minute.
I thought my dream was real, that is something I'd admit.

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