A Life No Longer Mine

May 5, 2010
By Anonymous

He wakes up in the morning,
It's the first thing on his mind,
He just need to get them,
It matters not what kind,
A troubled young boy,
Just looking for a vice,
Not knowing every time he used,
Was another deadly roll of the dice,
In this dangerous game he plays,
Where his life may be the price,
He thought only for the moment,
Only for his favorite vice,
So dependent he became,
He pushed all else away,
Addiction had a grip on him,
It seemed it was there to stay,
He wasted all his money,
Those who were close drifted astray,
But he had the only friend he needed,
So all would be ok,
Until one faithful afternoon,
He used and napped in class,
Oblivious to the fact,
That this nap could be his last,
He woke up hours later,
In an unfamiliar bed,
Irrational anger coursing through him,
Questions running through his head,
He tried to stretch his limbs,
But found restraints where he had struggled,
Tearful family stood around him,
In his mind he was befuddled,
And even in that room,
Where all was almost lost,
He found himself yearning,
He'd get them at any cost,
He begged and he plead,
And he thought, "That's the final sign,
This life that I've been living,
Was a life no longer mine."

The author's comments:
Inspired by a real life experience of overdosing on pills in a high school class.

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