Four Bind Us

May 4, 2010
It’s cold and bleak,
Desolate and hollow,
It leaves animals weak,
Waiting for warmth to follow.
Winter is harsh, and fiery cold.
It’s the strongest of seasons, terrifyingly bold.

Spring is the savior,
The knight in shining armor,
The bringer of behavior,
That makes you quite the charmer.
It’s the time of opportunity, to start brand new, once more.
Not the end, but the beginning, opening wide the door.

Heat, sweltering, intoxicating heat.
Pressing on all sides, as the sun rises in the sky,
Your feet, burn feverishly, on the boiling concrete,
While May, passes to June and July.
Summer is adventures, and lemonade stands by the road.
When life is a bomb, just waiting to explode.

Autumn is when leaves fall,
And people gather around the fire,
When families play ball,
And bundle in loads of attire.
It is the beginning of the grueling months, when no hope remains.
Right before the snow and cold, and ever constant rains.

The seasons tie us together,
They bind us to their will,
Whether through fair or rough weather,
Heat or sudden chill.
We are captives in their cycle, and there is no escape in sight.
We are waiting for the dawn, but trapped in an endless night.

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