October 17, 2007
He is black and white
No connection in between,
A contrast that blinds me
And makes me what to scream.

I am black and white
And everything in between,
Believe me- we make a scene,
Many will watch, but none will intervene.

Connection! I say,
And he will disobey,
We will always differ no matter what day.

I take in more caffeine,
Fighting till it’s clean,
Everyday in the same routine,
The ending seems to be unseen.

My God! It’s my turn,
Mind! Give me what I yearn
Something that I had learn,
So he does not return.

Each other we will mock
Till one will no longer talk,
The clock’s hands tick-tock
Here comes my after shock.

He has his declaration,
Not to also mention, my intimidation.
This is his interrogation,
Why am I in this situation?

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