"The Rising of the Sun and Showing of the Moon"

April 29, 2010
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The day comes with the dawn of the rising sun
With the melding of the colors pink, orange, and a hint of violet
The sky begins to slowly lighten
Night lifts itself away only to be replaced by day
Animals awaken from their comfortable abodes
Birds begin to chirp and sing their morning songs

Even the tiniest creatures, such as ants, express their own peaceful morning songs
With the brilliant shine of the new born sun
Leaving shelter behind, the animals set out to leave their homes
Butterflies flap their beautiful wings that are splashed with pink and violet
Skies begin to lighten, and there is now a new light of day
The safe cloak of the light disappears, causing our town to overcome darkness and lighten

As the day progresses, the sun lights up our world and shines
Streams running, frogs croaking, hummingbirds chirping, and bees working contribute to nature’s song
Business men must work, students must go to school, and babies will play throughout the day
But yet the moon is hard to pick out in the sky with the presence of the sun
So the sun must return to its home and leave with the colors of pink, orange, and violet
Animals and humans go to their safe homes

Creatures of all types begin to sleep in their homes
Night makes its way in, causing a darkening and not a lightening
A full moon is spotted, surrounded by a haze of violet
Animals do not sing their own songs now, but the moon has a special song
One that is equal in power to that of the sun
The moon takes away the luminous lamp of the day

Only to be soon replaced by this lamp again, the rising sun
With the moon’s haze of violet to the sun’s rising color of violet
The day shall soon lighten

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