I Am

October 16, 2007
By Cassandra Baker, Attleboro, MA

I am lyrics, notes, and chords.
I am meaning and emotion woven into beat and rhythm.
I am sound waves that vibrate through the air,
Created from several single beings but accumulated to create something more.
I am trumpets, violins, guitars, pianos, drums, and bass.
Intermingled with the manipulation of the human voice, I am creation.
I am noise filtering in through human ears, reaching the minds and hearts of people.
I can make lips taste salty rivers of tears,
Yet I can make those same lips curve into a smile.
I can make feet pound on the dance floor,
Or I can make them waltz and glide slowly.
I am versatile, varied, and diverse.
There are millions of different ways to perceive me,
Thousands of different genres of me.
Every fiber of my being is something original.
I transport people everywhere for I have no home.
The country or the city, the ocean or the woods;
I originate everywhere.
Africa, France, Italy, Russia, and China;
I reside in every single country throughout the world.
There are no wrong answers to the many questions I ask,
No right way to understand the many topics I present.
My mélange of ingredients must only blend in a way that pleases the human ear,
Evokes a stir of reactions in that human,
And then I can be anything I want.
For I am Music.

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