Kaliya’s Veil

October 16, 2007
Suppressed behind this afflicted excuse of a cover up
A hurting young lady lies
Afraid to show her face to the eyes,
eyes of the man who hurt her
And repeatedly told her she would never be nothing in life
As her preceded to rape her

Stripping her of her dignity, as she was losing all her sanity
Kaliya’s hurt filled screams of fear
Followed and accompanied with the streams
Of way more than just one tear
never seemed to move this man
Who’s breath reeked of bud light beer

Who’s eyes tattled about the weed he had smoked just hours before
Which was slowly tearing down his body
As he compressed himself on top of her
Taking her precious virginity,
Innocence she would never get back
Just so he could go and tell his homeboys “Oh I hit that”

Now this young lady feels alone
Afraid to open up to another
Another victim who has the same story
Who could help her through
And possibly get her in church to kneel by the alter

Kneel and ask God to give her a forgiving heart
So one day she’ll be able to forgive this
sad specimen of a man
A man who has her alone and scared
Afraid to show her face, because of what these
Judgmental people may think

Not knowing the truth, The truth that lies behind
Behind her undried teary eyes
The truth she decided to cover up,
after being raped and feeling unclean
Hoping it will help forget the mean and ungodly things
This sorry excuse of a man did to her

She never played the fool
Just went by the rules
Being a player in this over-rated game of life
And yet she is a prisoner of words unsaid
Left searching for peace inside herself
Dealing with the feelings and emotions deserted and trapped in her mind

Her heart full of madness and slowly taking over her mind
When she thinks to speak, She stops and remain silent
Silenced by the thought of him holding her down
With her body exposed
and now left trying to leave the was
And start with the right now

But is still left imposed
With looking for someone
To blame.

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