October 16, 2007
By Heather Kippenberger, Davie, FL

You were her drug.
And she was addicted.
You exploited her.
Played her like a puppet.
Never took her seriously.
You messed with her mind.
She loved you.
You never loved her.
You lied to her.
Anything that came out of your mouth was a lie.
She cried and you’d laugh.
You cheated but she came back.
She always ran back whenever you messed up she returned to help you.
You never once showed any feeling toward her.
You left her in the corner of that cold, wet basement.
Her clothes scattered on the floor.
Bruised and beaten.
Blood all over.
You left her down there to go back to the loud music and the blind eyed.
Why would you do that to her?
Why would you hurt her intentionally?
You had no reason to hurt her,
And now you lay there, wounded on the blood-stained carpet,
Slowly fading away.
Standing over you, with that cold metal revolver.
Now she’s the one with the control.

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