Photographic Memory

October 16, 2007
some days, the complex camera seems pensive.
awakening Abruptly the antique eyeball
silently observes the surroundings
as a reincarnated Usher window
gathering information
capturing it, carefully, cataloging

the strap moves, cradling an invisible baby
revealing life through angles and thoughts
the Divine apparatus of intellectual means
the gypsy’s crystal ball
memories fed
to the threaded spool, engraving

focusing on an object, adjusts to concentration
neither mobile or feeling, only a puppet
the intelligence center ascertains
a baby discovering their toes
falsely breathing
the breath and heartbeat, snap ta-ta

crucially the clever raven dons a luminescent hat
the hat enlightens memories when summoned
helping expose life, with Athena’s influence
no time to spare, it is revolving to a roulette shot
sustaining life
through innumerable files, internal

tiresome shutter winds down, sweet slumber
back-tracking the steps taken during awakened hours
inside is emptied of the space-consuming film, for now
the shaded camera is concealed
catatonic hibernation
until awakened again, Abruptly.

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