Her voice

October 16, 2007
By Katie Younkie, Louisville, KY

Her voice
tones so hoarse
words so coarse
his attempts for creation
sending jarring vibrations
every promise of discourse
instant pain to my ears.
feeling with no focus
losing my drive
ending this creation
with more than anger to survive
and as I walk up these stairs
constant pinpricks on my ears
picking what to tear
crescendo my annoyance into a full mess
with no one to share
my stomach twisters into convulsions
her voice twirling sweetly up the stairs
his big sappy smile driving guilt into my nonstop pulses
as tonights dinner picks its chance to flare
and I tumble to the floor,
my doubled over eyes glance at the heap underneath
Is there anything more
to block this loss of feeling in my knees.

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