Bloodstained Tears

October 16, 2007
Eyes shot and filled with dread,
All because what he said.
Another night she spent crying,
She just lied there slowly dying
Thinking over how he left.

Lying there objectified,
By the guy she once idolized.
Tear ducts dried from all her pain,
She just lies there, no longer sane.
Rivers of tears now have turned to creeks,
As it ran from eyes to her cheeks.
A hue of red begins to form.

Her heart is now eternally broken,
By just a few words, that were once spoken.
Once lively eyes, now filled with scorn.
No longer trusting, her heart remains torn.
Torn it stays by words so cold.
“I no longer love you,” is what she was told.

So many nights she spent there crying.
Lying there, she is slowly dying.
Cried over all her fears,
Till they came, those bloodstained tears.

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