A Room Through Time Inspired by Ted Kooser

April 15, 2010
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A room through time
From Ted Koosers A Room In The Past

It’s a bedroom. Its window opens
Out into a blank chilly morning,
Sunlight streams in,
All through the afternoon. A bedroom
Running through time with pictures
Suspended in frames, sheets
Laid across the bed, papers
Spread across the desk, clothes
Hanging in the closet,
Clothes never changing no matter what the season,
White and blank, no design or colors on them,
Boring, simple,
Sixteen years have passed,
Still the same old room. Clean and neat,
Smelling of fruity perfumes,
The scent lingers in the air like a ghost,
A ghost of bedrooms passed,
A ghost of the boy, who lived here before,
And now there is a new boy,
And this chain will continue on,
The ghosts living
in this room, forever.
Haunting you, forever.

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