October 16, 2007
By leigha nelson, Mauldin, SC

Shes a smart girl,says the honor roll paper's hanging on her door Shes a pretty girl show's her pictures hanging on the living room wall
shes a very messy say's her bedroom floor
her jeans in her closet say shes the relaxed type

Her drawings say shes very artistic and notices detail The shower says she has a great voice The poems she writes say shes fell pretty deep on feeling and thought The books apon her shelf say shes knows every kind of person, place, or thing

her eyes say that shes seen pain and happiness tpp Her smiles says all the things shes gone through The voice that she uses says shes stubborn and hardheaded

Shes pretty bad tempted says her swelling right hand shes playful says her friends The scars on her arm say not only have her eyes seen pain Her says its been through many colors along with her moods

Good Charlotte says she kepps" holdin on" Eminem says "thats the way she is" Her spongebob pillow says she holds him tight all through the night The green day poster on her wall oner her head says its the first thing to hear her talk on the night

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