Dear Kiddo of Mine

April 15, 2010
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Dear kiddo of mine,
Do you think you are like me?
A little girl every day.
Waiting for Halloween to come around.
Getting all excited for Christmas,
And being surprised of what I’m going to get.
Playing soccer with my friends,
Or just fooling around with my gymnastics tricks.
Counting down the last few minutes until that school bell rings.

Singing and dancing to music all the time.
Baking deserts for your uncle to eat.

I want you to be
Athletic, to be in shape and healthy.
Smart, for things to come to you easily.
Humorous, to make people laugh.
The type of person that others like to be around.

The world is a crazy place right now.
A war going on, fighting against Iraq and Afghanistan.

The economy not doing well.

People losing their jobs,

And loosing their homes.
However there is still fun in this world
Going to the beach,
Amusement parks,
Swimming with creatures under the sea,
And going on vacations.

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