Broken Memories

May 3, 2010
By KellyAnnnn PLATINUM, Middle Island, New York
KellyAnnnn PLATINUM, Middle Island, New York
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All these broken memories.
All those jagged shards.
Draw blood from my veins
Until my memory is charred.

Charred from all the burning.
Charred from all the pain.
Those broken memories shatter
Like a thin, glass window pain.

Glass flies down the space
To the hard, cold ground below.
As I, myself have shattered
Such a long, long time ago.

I was fragile for some time
But my wounds scab over quick.
The pain inflicted took a while
But I healed it. Tic-tock-tic.

And now my hard exterior
Protects my fragile mind
Until such a time arrives
For the game of hide and find.

Now these broken memories
Are coming back ten fold
To haunt my dreams to fright
And turn my heart to cold.

Slowly broken shards
Find each other once more.
And slowly melt together
And burn me to the core.

My cold, hard exterior
Is cracking like a stone
To reveal a soft, weak flesh
Just barely off the bone.

Now I’m unprotected
I’m so fragile for my kind.
I hide from all those monsters
Who take my fears and unwind.

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