October 16, 2007
By Stacy Comisky, Madison, VA

We gather here in this amphitheater
For a show of infinite misery.
Weeping and sobbing, my gasps are fierce.
Thrust the knife into the small of my back,
Twist the blade; this display of violence is unspeakable.
Trembling, my soul gropes for any end to this suffering,
An ounce of supplication in this atmosphere of agony.
Ungracefully I fall to the floor, stomach knotted,
Heart withered, noose tightened.

The crowd is exhilarated by the brilliance of my pain.
Terribly wounded, I rummage for strength,
Forcing, prolonging my breathing.
A shocking malevolence in your eyes,
My body goes rigid.
Darkness unfurls and clouds my mind.
Recollection, remembrance is distant and dim.

Exasperated, my body relinquishes.
My soul withdraws from my wilted form.
My heart, barely beating, yearns for what once was,
But is now just an incandescent ghost.
Appraising the torture you’ve inflicted,
Absorbed by my body collapsed on the ground,
Your gaze is blades through my flesh
As you disappear down the corridor
And leave me amputated from the world.

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