my friend elaine made a time machine

October 16, 2007
By stanley leiter, Mauldin, SC

my friend elaine made a time machine
but was keen on keeping it shiny clean
to travel back in time had always been my dream so i hatched a scheme and jacked the pod like when A.D. 33 maybe you would see me tellin jesus his friend judas was untrustworthy you think thats fresh well just wait i battle rap chaucer in 1388 ill tell lincoln in 1865 going out to plays was sommewhat unwise in 1963 ill make jfk day and say before you go to dallas wher this helmet,okin 2001 ill make the alright ill go back to 911 and cancel all flights in my time machine you couldnt get with me cause e = this squared mc my t to the i to the m to the e ma to the chine

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