My Life Perception

May 5, 2010
You judge me for my choices, beliefs and my passion
Yet I judge you not but merely observe
I find this unfair but its life and we face it
Even when the boomerang comes to its curve

I love my mistakes, they make us
What is beauty with out imperfection?
Nothing but hollow shells
that’s why we cannot reach TRUE perfection

I accept my past as sad as it may be
Pain and loss builds us for the worse
Our past plays part in our future
Including rare happiness that may disperse

Light is nothing more than bent colors
But I care only for the light that reflects
Must we always try to figure out everything?
I live now, not for what the scientist expects

I am me, nothing more and nothing less
I have a soul, a mind a heart
Yet many act as if we do not feel
We are same, only personality do us part

I ask why must we feel in control?
Most of us fear what we don’t understand
Must we always be top?
We wont always be the higher hand

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