I see Uncle Sam on the wall

October 16, 2007
By Tyler Pommerenke, Mauldin, SC

I see Uncle Sam on the wall
He seems to be calling to me
I see them in the movies
They'll do anything for each other
I see the six men lifting the flag
They are the real superheroes
They raised the flag on Mt. Suribachi
They took to the shores on D-day
They destroyed Rommell Afrika Corps
They took Fallujah
They'er answer the call when our country is in dire need
They have fear in they'er eyes
But they'll fight anyways
They'll risk bullets, blood, and they'er very life
All for the peice of land they live on
They are husbands and fathers
And they do their work with pride
They are patriots
They are heros
They are the Marines

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