October 16, 2007
He lies still on the cold, hollow floor
there is not a sound
not a thing in sight
for darkness covers all

He screams for all it's worth
but only hears the faint, retoric echo of his own call

He ignores the blood pouring out from him
for there is an indescribable numbness
spreading through his body
leaving it impossible to feel

He's consumed by visions from his past
Friends, family, places
No longer what is real

He begins to lose consciousness
the visions fade
along with whatever clear thought
and his eyes abrupty close

He's cut short of every breath
gasping, helpless
his heartbeat slows

He tries, desperate to move
but hopelessly fails
continueing to lie there
stiff and still just like before

He opens his eyes
there is not a sound
only light
for whatever was, and what has ever been
is no more

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