I Pray

October 16, 2007
Everyday i pray
Cuz all my friends say,
That nothins right in life
and how its not fair.

I've never felt so much hatred
toward anyone before....
So i pray

My freinds say ohhh... Life to
complicated and i amount nothing
I still pray.

I don't see how people can think
that they amount to nothing when god
put you on this earth for a reason
which isn't to cause the people you love so much misery.

So quit comlaining and get over it ...
you don't have a horrible life
So i pray.

I pray for the lonely,empty souls
that don't know god cuz their missing
out on something so gracious and
wonderful. so
I... Pray.

thats why i pray.
to know god, to see god
to be filled with his holy
That's why i pray

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