Shamed Face

May 2, 2010
Broken bottles on the floor,
The stench of alcohol on her clothes.
Her eyes wander to the door,
She contemplates leaving, but she doesn't know.
Then she turns back around,
And a bottle is passed her way.
One by one, happiness is found,
She's content with her decision to stay.
Things turn bad when he walks in,
Everything is now far from great.
He knows he is going to win,
She's had too much, she can'th think straight.
Now he's leading her up the stairs,
Too late to turn back now.
His fingers running through her hair,
All is lost without a sound.
In the morning, she awakes alone,
Starts wondering what happened last night.
She smells a faint aroma of men's cologne,
And she is instantly filled with fright.
She feels she's made a huge mistake,
All she can do is cry.
This is too much for her to take,
She does not even want to try.
She will never forget that party,
Although she wishes she could.
She realizes this is reality,
But she thought she never would.
Everything was lost in a second,
Just another life lesson learned a few drinks too late...

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