it was night when i got a sudden fright

October 16, 2007
it was night when i got a sudden fright
it was harry potter from the tales
he held my hand and took me to his land
there i saw candles floating on water coming up and down
and the clown who toldhis name round
i laughed a lot then i saw a giant orange snail
harry said "rictusempra"(a magic spell) and the snail disappeared
the moment i saw that, i got a fright
it was a sight that was awful but the stars that came out were beautiful
he told me to flee as it caught harry's knee
i pushed him but that thing caught him again
this time i took his stick and said "rictusempra"
it worked and showed up those monsters whose group name was "enchanta"
they gave me a sudden fright and i lost my slippers inside
he took me to my house and left me sleeping there
in the night what happened to me no one knows
a true mystery it is, a spooky story it is
gather courage and watch.

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