I Remember....

October 16, 2007
I remember when I moved here from New York all the boxes on the floor and i went through every single one of them to find my doll and its bed.
I remember my first day of kindergarten, kids used to pick on me for being so small.
I Remember in first grade i fell off the wiggly monkey bars and i hit my head and went unconcious.
I remember in second grade when there was a horrible ice stormand it was windy and the power went out and it was cold.
I Remember in the fifth grade, all the fun I had in Miss Penick's class.
I remember in eighth grade when I broke my collar bone in a car accident.
I remember looking in the mirror and seeing all the blood run down my face.
I remember hearing my friend scream my name,
I remember calling the ambulance and the person on the other end telling me to calm down when I was already calmed down.
I remember after that hearing the ambulance run down the road to my rescue.
I remember going to the E.R. and having my eyes closed the whole time so icould see stab wound victims.
I remember how cold it was it the x-ray room.
I remember that I never wanted to be in that situation ever again.
I remember...

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