Piggies or An Ode to Bacon

May 1, 2010
Three happy piggies
Sitting in a row
Wallowing in their mud
Wallowing so low

Dressed in clean white shirts
With boots polished, shined
Waking up each day
Working five to nine

Oh watch them as they waddle
On their way to work
To role around in grass and stain
Their clean white shirts with dirt

The blue-white skies
Are full above
And the sun a’glistening
With summer’s love

And they come home
To their piggy wives
And keep on living
Their piggy lives

And living
Their piggy lives

Once a piggy did not return
Off a cliff he fell
And so was learned

Another piggy
A wolf he one day met
And to that wolf he became
A delicious pork cutlet

And the lastest piggy
One day in fall
Became bacon
The tastiest dish of all

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