May 1, 2010
The illusion of love,
To set your heart free,
While inside you cry,
Bent upon your knee,
You hide the bad,
And cover with good,
While inside you cry,
More often than you should,
The bad times,
You know are there,
Act like you dont care,
All of your friends,
So happy and free,
You think to yourself,
"why cant that be me?",
You put on a face,
Because your trying to hide,
The real things you feel,
The ones you keep inside,
Your friends see that face,
But then they see through,
To the torture inside,
The real side of you,
They tell you to break free,
You tell yourself you are happy,
The truth you cover with lies,
Could slowly lead to your demise,
You try to cool out,
Relax with friends,
You kiss another guy,
Finally the act ends,
You see the side,
That you tried to hide,
See the facts,
You can never go back,
In a life of pain,
Theres nothing to gain,
You let go,
Release the past,
Never again,
Will you come in last,
You seek to find,
For a while,
Try to walk,
That extra mile,
All this time,
You couldnt see,
The one who wanted,
To set you free,
He holds you close,
As if to say,
that your life,
Will be oay,
Theres comfort here,
You feel no fear,
You always wish,
for him to be near,
But his time here,
Is drawing to a close,
You can only hope,
That he knows.

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