my scars may not be that bad

my scars may not be that bad,
my wounds not that deep,
my heart may not be that broken,
it might just be cracked a little,
my past may not be that dark,
no skeletons in my closet,
my life may not be that hard,
but then again, neither is yours,
i may not have all that much experience,
just a niave little girl,
i might think im bigger than i am,
worth more than a broken promise,
i may be one of those prissy girls,
the kind who get whatever they want,
but i am far from perfect,
and not so far from scared and alone,
i may be the reason my life is this way,
but maybe im not,
but do i really deserve to be treated like this?

i just wanted to be loved,
really loved,

i guess that was too much to ask

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