my scars may not be that bad

October 16, 2007
By Becky Felice, Fresno, CA

my scars may not be that bad,
my wounds not that deep,
my heart may not be that broken,
it might just be cracked a little,
my past may not be that dark,
no skeletons in my closet,
my life may not be that hard,
but then again, neither is yours,
i may not have all that much experience,
just a niave little girl,
i might think im bigger than i am,
worth more than a broken promise,
i may be one of those prissy girls,
the kind who get whatever they want,
but i am far from perfect,
and not so far from scared and alone,
i may be the reason my life is this way,
but maybe im not,
but do i really deserve to be treated like this?

i just wanted to be loved,
really loved,

i guess that was too much to ask

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