Steve Bartman to The Chicago Cubs

May 4, 2010
It has been nearly seven years since that tragic night.
Chicago, it was my fault.
Plain and Simple.
Though I didn’t single handedly ruin your World Series chances,
I helped more than I should have.

I’m sorry Moises Alou that I interferred with your play.
I got as excited as a little kid and went for the ball.
I mean I’m just a fan and not a player, right?
I know if you saw a ball coming towards you in the stands,
You wouldn’t go for it…

Alex Gonzalez, I am so sorry for missing the ground ball that went right through my legs later in the game.
Oh, wait. That was YOU.

I have been blamed for the loss of game six against the Marlins all these years,
But in reality it was you, the Cubs, all along.
That’s right. A fan didn’t blow the series, you did.

I bleed cubbie blue, and know the words to “Go Cubs Go,”
But I refuse to be the scapegoat to the loss, and chance at the World Series

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