May 4, 2010
By Austin Straub BRONZE, Columbus, Indiana
Austin Straub BRONZE, Columbus, Indiana
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Air and water is what they seek
aid to the enemy would prove defeat
choose your next words carefully my friend
for at the bottom of this well is where eternity begins

300 men stood back to back
facing the rocky shore
this war it ends today
these Persians will come no more

wave upon wave they send them
the Spartans hold fast
without fear
King Xerxes will grow angry
when this news reaches his ear

in anger they send the immortals
we will put that name to the test
for by the time dawn strikes
they will be dead like the rest

they come by sea and by land
but numbers
count for nothing here
the Spartans have nothing to fear

They have been solders
all their life
they've suffered through pain and strife
with spears held high we drove them back
The Persians lept the cliff
rather than face their attack

but there was a spartan traitor
fighting among their ranks
he told the Persians of a mountain path
along one of the Spartans flanks

The Spartans lives might have been spared
if this news he had not shared
surrounded they died on that mountain path
King Leonidas was dead at last

but the war it was not over
as the frost and cold settled in
The Persians had won the battle
but the Spartans were sure to win
for now they are only outnumbered 1 to 10

The Persians kept pressing on
attacking Sparta with haste
but their futile attempts to take the land
proved to be a waste

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