October 15, 2007
feel bad for the ones with a broken heart
feel bad for the ones who have never felt love.
I feel so broken,
but I am strong.
I feel as I am.
stronger than some
but weaker then most.
I can feel scared.
and sometimes alone.
but your never alone,
never alone.
time flies,
life changes,
people do too.
even the ones
even the ones,
that were always there,
appear to have disappeared.
and gone away somewhere,.
no where near here.
I’ve been searching,
and I’ve lost my way.
I feel so alone,
But then I remember
You are never alone,
Never alone.
the people who are there,
should be there to stay
But it doesn’t always work out that way.
I’ve been wrong before,
wrong before.
The confused, are usually wrong.
But the sure are usually strong.
If that makes sense at all, I cant say I’m sure,
I cant say I’m sure.
Oh and I say I feel so alone,
but I am strong,
I am strong.
I am never alone, never alone.

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