to my dad

April 27, 2010
By , cartersville, GA
i never really new you when i was a kid
never understood why you did what you did

i felt like i needed you an you were'nt there
but on the inside i knew you cared

sometimes i used to think you was scared
to come around or there was somethin you feared

now as i grow older i understand
that none of your past was ever planed

i see that you did'nt no what to do
an you did'nt no me like i did'nt no you

an i want to do what ever it takes
an i forgive you for all your mistakes

when i hung out with you and your wife
i realized i want you both to be part of my life

i also no how drugs make you feel good but the high has to drop
an once you get started it's really hard to stop

i understand how mean my mom could be
and that she don't want you to be around me

but i don't care if she get's mad
because i will always need my dad

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