777 is my ticket to heaven

October 15, 2007
By Kayla Watkins, St.Louis, MO

777 is my ticket to heaven,
Heaven is a mile away,
That's all I can say,
I decide should I stay or wait and just pray,
I wanna go to see my friend today,
See if she's okay,
She's in the clouds looking down at this place,
I thought of writing this poem would bring her back home,
I left a trill of tears for you to follow me back home,
Can't believe I lost you can't believe she's gone,
Lost one of my friends,
Can't believe it's true,
You can't feel me through all this pain that I can't maintain,
I'm scared and i'm shakeing,
You left me all alone,
I want you to come home,
I'm writing this poem so I can give it to you on my way home,
But you can't come home,
Because your where you at is called home,
I'm trying to stop crying,
I can't sleep I can't eat,
This broke me down,
It's hard to trust this filling to let you go.
I just want my friend back,
So we can get back on track,
I can't fly to heaven,I can't run to heaven,
All I know is I can dream of heaven and give you this letter,
But I still got my ticket to heaven,
So God can pick me up at 7.

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on Feb. 25 2015 at 8:07 pm
rushane campbell, Jamaca, Other
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thats wonderfull


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