A Different Gurl

May 2, 2010
By , Bethel, AK
I'm scared of living my life now
I'm tired of people judging me
I wanna let it go, live longer, but dont know how
No one knows how toe believe me

No One Wants TO
I wish that i have cancer right now
I wish my dad didnt die, it should of been me
I dont know how to live my life, i do it anyhow
I want to be blind cuz I dont want to see

I have nothing else to do
No one in the world wants to be my friend
they hate me bcuz im quiet and shy
if i die, i dont want to live again
I wanna be somewhere forever, like in the sky

I dont Belong Here
I know im not the only one who feels this
but right now i gotta care for myself
im always keeping secrets thats a promise
i always keep them to myself

Thats what i fear
I know im not the gurl who i was
im changing, my old life is not the same
i am not the same gurl jus cuz
im so tired of feeling this stupid pain

I feel it in this world
I wanna change the way i think
i wanna change and live longer
i know i wont change if i drink
if i wanna change, i gotta be stronger
Right now, I'ma different gurl

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