I Dont Know

May 2, 2010
By Anonymous

I have a heart that tells me wat to do
I have a soul but its now all blue
I have a mind that could always help me
I have my eyes to help me see
I have lungs to help me speak
I have a voice to yell out, "Freak!"
I have my ears to hear my voice
I have myself to make my own choice
I am just like everybody too
So i am just like u
But the way i think isnt the same
Life is playin wit me like a game
why does it hurt me? give me pain?
why does it make me have to change?
I could never understand even if i tr
Now every single day i wish i could die
But then when i go outside nd look at the sky
I could see that my family will cry
I dont wan them to get hurt nd be left alone
I dont want them to always stay home
I dont want them to read my drepressin poems
cuz everyday nd night i always feel alone
i'd miss them tooo, so i should stay
i'm gonna try nd do it everyday
thats if i dont give up again
i'll feel good if someone was wit me, my friend...

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