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May 1, 2010
By OwenHarpersGirl BRONZE, Oshawa, Other
OwenHarpersGirl BRONZE, Oshawa, Other
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Favorite Quote:
The curtains in my living room are drawn, but the rest of the furniture is real

In a place so close
And yet so far away
Is a land I dream of
And wish to stay

It is a place of magic
A mythical land
Where birds can swim
And fish walk on the sand

People really care
And want to know what you think
They don’t fake their interest
And don’t let your dreams sink

Things don’t speed past you
And push you out of the way
You know what’s going on
Each and every day

But that’s not how it really works
No one knows you’re there
They don’t hear you if you scream
And they don’t really care

They ask you question
So they can prove you wrong
Not to hear what you have to say
But to make it so you don’t belong

You get pushed aside
And thrown out of the way
They ignore you as they walk past
Every single day

There is no magic in the place
It is no mythical land
The fish stay in the ocean
And only crabs walk on the sand

The place I dream of
That is so close and yet so far
Is in my imagination
And there it will stay

The author's comments:
It was basically everything and nothing that inspired me to write this. We live in a world where nothing is perfect or the way we want it to be, but we can use our imagination to make it that way. To make it better. I hope people will read this and see that you can create anything with your mind no matter how bad the situation really is.

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