The Lost

May 1, 2010
By Otherworldly GOLD, Mississauga, Other
Otherworldly GOLD, Mississauga, Other
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How can I hide the tears that I have shed?
When my eyes are two sizes bigger than the day when we had met
Streaked from my lashes to my trembling lips
Are streams of mascara dripping past my chin?
I am not weak; I promise I am not frail
But truly confused of what the past has entailed
Whom should I believe?
Who shall have my trust?
When my world seems to be turning into dust
Small fragments flying through the air
No one will remember and no one will care
My part in this chaos and turmoil in our heart
Will all be forgotten by the time the day has turned dark?
Who will I choose?
For I am most definitely bemused
My heart is split into three
A past existence unknown to me
A present life where my heart is bound
And a promising future that seems so profound
But if I shall choose one piece of my heart
Though I would not know which one to take part
The rest of my soul kept lovingly by my side
Will crumble and fall until that part of me has died
The sliver of my spirit that will still soar
Will slowly disintegrate because I am torn
My body must be grounded
I have taken myself for granted
My mind must be whole
Together they will lift my spirit from the earth’s soul
For the three sides of me must all live in peace?
If it does not the term living does not apply to me.
What would you do if you were in my place?
Will you just stare as I am fastened and tied in lace?
Will you revive me from the darkness where my spirit lays?
Can you save me from my disarray?
How will you aide me in my time of need?
Will you keep me at arm’s length?
Allowing me to cry at your feet?
Where you will look down at me pity shown in your eyes
Happy that our lives will not collide
Not willing to acknowledge my pleas and cries
Having no desire to feel the distraught in my gut
For you think I am contagious
That I’ll turn your false joy into mush
But you would be wrong
Because karma awards the ones that are strong
The rare people who put their lives on hold
To aid the broken souls
That decorate the world more then you know
And when those fallen souls should rise again
Their guidance will be filled with an emotion that you could never understand
They will be shown a new perspective once hidden to them
You will never see it unless you comprehend
That you must give some of yourself to build yourself whole
That you must aid others to maintain a true soul
You must pass the test
To stand strong among the rest
You ought to feel vulnerable in the watch of the moonlight
Where another will come and disregard your sorry sight
And save you from the depths
That you didn’t even know exist
Mending you back together where regret is the only emotion left

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