Summer Sestina

October 14, 2007
I love a long day,
under the blazing sun,
lying in a hammock being cooled with a soft breeze.
On sweltering summer days, I love to swim
with my cheerful friends.

Chilling with friends
is the best part of summer.
We lazily swim
all day
and then dry off using only the gentle breeze
and the warm sun.

The sun
is also one of my summer friends.
Teamed up with a cool breeze,
it makes summer
enjoyable every day.
It also tenderly warms me after I swim.

To swim
under the golden sun.
swimming makes the day
that my friends
come to play, during summer,
as sluggish as a breeze.

A blissful breeze
dries me after I swim
during summer.
Up to the distant sun,
I fly a kite with my laughing friends,
enjoying the day.

All day
a Kansas breeze
blows my friends’
tiny sail boat as I swim
after it. The sun
shines on my shoulders. I love a long summer.

I love a peaceful summer day.
Under the sun, blown by a breeze.
It feels cold after I swim, but life is good in summer when hanging out with friends.

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