Ready to Go

October 14, 2007
Excitement builds,
In my gut,
Ready to go.

Exhilaration building,
As I prepare,
For the deadly dance.

THe rhythm,
Pulsates in my veins,
Directing my body.
Bow and acknowledge,
Ready for theattack,
We begin.

We twist and move,
Kick and punch,
Block and are hit.

Hit and miss,
Block and feel,
A strike.

The thud,
Of fists and feet,

The shock,
Of blows,

Moving to avoid,
The deadly kick,
THat sends you to your knees.

Catching feet,
And twisting,
Crashing to thet floor.

A loss of feeling,
Pushing onward,
For the point.

A command,
From outside,
Your reality.

Bow again,
Acknowledging the fight,
With new respect.

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