One More Ocean Poem

April 30, 2010
By NicoleLucia PLATINUM, Haverhill, Massachusetts
NicoleLucia PLATINUM, Haverhill, Massachusetts
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I soar on wings that don't know air,
I fight with swords that aren't there.
I smile, my teeth are holographic.
I sleep in a heavily padded casket.

Five years I've lived in a bottomless ocean,
knowing only to go through the motions.
One girl it took for me to see,
not the bottom of the sea,
but a hand above pulling me, below,
up towards the sun's bright glow.
but still I rest below the surface,
biting my lip, getting nervous.

My face is getting warm, I feel,
I anticipate the air I'll steal.
I bob in the silent, dark grey ocean,
rocking with my solemn motion,
so close for once, I see the sky,
because an innocent passer by
took notice of me and grabbed my hand,
and gave me hope of solid land.

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