The Calm After The Storm

October 14, 2007
When I'm at the tip of my existence
And all I see are the dark shadows and a vehement storm
I look back to the former times that fulfilled my heart and gave me form

The bedtime stories full of curiosity and wonder
The silly songs that made my small brain ponder
Piggyback rides and twinkle twinkle little stars
Daddy carrying me and imagining how far I could fly
Bruises, scrapes and tears were all evidence of my spontaneous spirit
That exuberance I had which had those around me in hysterics

And as fast as I was pulled into those wonder years
I am pulled into the now and made to face what is near
I extract my emotions out of past memories
I extract my emotions and try to concieve
That to be stuck in the past is to finish a race last

Runners passing you by
Time that never stops and just flies
I'll make new memories better than before
And I'll reminisce about them in the calm after the storm.

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